Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last night: Judo, guard break

Half-step dance move, holding onto their lapel and shoulder - lift up, get them moving to their tippy toes.
Once they're up, step your foot through so you're in line with them, your arms will be folded in a weird position because you're still holding on,
drop to your knees, while pulling them forward,
Trick is to keep momentum moving, and especially to watch dropping on your knees - not a move to be done on concrete.

Also, to do a similar setup but instead of dropping to your knees, step out, beside them with one leg and 'trip' them with your extended leg. In this instance you keep your base.

In both instances when they're on the ground, "it's BJJ time"

If you're being thrown, accept the throw. Going against it with base or your arm out will get you hurt. By going with it, giving it a bit of momentum, you're sure not to be hurt and may even come out further ahead, defensively, than if you held on.

What I think is weird about Judo is the broken Japanese.. some moves are in Japanese, others in english, some in broken parts of both "This is half-/japanese for circle" like, could you just say "half-circle" and help me out!? I wonder if they do the same thing for English terms over there.

Guard breaks, new styles.

We practiced keeping position, allowing the other person to pull on us. I learned to keep my feet flat when in guard, for the most part.

Together legs makes it hard to pull you forward and backward. Wide legs makes it hard to move side to side. Popping up to your toes allows you more control, but you need to be quick. Only popup when they pull you forward.

Guard passes involved grabbing their lapel, pulling your same side leg up, wrapping your arm around your knee so the lapel is tight, and pushing on their other leg to create tension in the groin.  From here you can cut-pass, or as we were shown, get the legs on your shoulders and move them to the side, going for side control.

End of class yesterday was sweep or submit.