Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blog post.. CATCH UP!

It's been a couple of weeks!

Dear leader, after watching us noobs roll around, seemed to have a bit of an epiphany. He said, "I can't be training you guys every move in order and expect you to keep up on them all" so for two weeks we trained side control defense, sweeps and transitions.

I liked it a lot! I was there for 5 of 9 classes. Though I feel like I only took one soild move from it, and a couple of other things I may remember when the time comes.. I was able to do a couple of the sweeps instinctually - so, progress!

In open mat, I had someone compliment my strength! But after a few days to think about it I think it was likely a backhanded compliment - like, "Wow, you're a lot stronger than I expected" means, "You're using way too much muscle". Regardless, it was nice to be considered strong! I know that I've got a lot to work on, but right now I'm going to focus on timing and anticipation and let the strength part fall to the wayside -

Sick & injured:
Today, I'm sick! I'm not sure what's up- a bit of a cough, weak body & mind. It's no fun. Trying to pinpoint where that came from, I think it's from breathing in the same air (face to face) when rolling with some new people. new people, new germs.

Also, I had a hair in my mouth and then, when trying to fish it out, I got a cold sore on my lip and tounge! I'm not sure what to do about that.. maybe a clean, hair-licking rag.. i'll of course keep you, my devoted blog fans apprised if I find an adequate solution in this arena.

Anyway, it's not so bad. My buddy Shannon says it takes a couple of years to acclimate your body to those types of germs and in general, you should avoid putting things in your mouth. So now I know!

Personal :
I've also been training a decent amount with Shannon at my house- I'm up to about 1 hour 45 minutes of rolling at a time! I get my ass whooped, but I'm not completely worthless, my transitions are good, I'm defending a lot longer. I feel like I'm using more strength than I need to, but it's nice to know that's an option. Plus, I'm putting on more strength as I use it.

My stamina is getting much better! If I just stop for a moment between bouts to catch my breath, I can roll all day! Next step is to push myself further and further so I can train even when pooped

My friend Jessica F. , dear leader's sister, came to visit this past week - she was there when I started training and left several months later. We trained several times and got to hang out otherwise. It's fun to see how we've both progressed.

Deep thoughts:
If you recall, I wrote about having some consternation regarding the time I was spending in BJJ and how I felt that BJJ was taking over that drive in my life to progress - that it was easy to go to BJJ and call it a day. Even at that time, I had a white board which I use to keep track of my goals, but ever since I felt like that was an issue, my white board has changed dramatically. Instead of tracking monthly, I do weekly. And my goals are much more well defined. I have a couple of catagories on the whiteboard like "Do" "Learn" "Education" as well as BJJ, Social and the like. Tracking monthly it was easy to push some of the less fun things off onto other days of the month, but weekly, and since the week I've drawn out is the same size as the month was previously, I feel much more compelled to do things.

Relatedly, I had to 'shit or get off the pot' so to speak - I wasn't doing myself any favors by half-assing the amount of time I could give BJJ - things progress much more quickly when I go often and so long as I can see I'm keeping up on my other goals, the progress will be greater by devoting more time to BJJ instead of lessened.