Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Armbar, Triangle, Omaplata - gotta know how to hold em, gotta know how to fold em

Day 1 million, in Mercury time, probably.

3 moves flow into one another. From an attack point of view:

You have someone in your guard both their hands postured on your torso.

1. you grab under one arm, also grabbing that arms elbow with your other hand step up onto their hip, raising your hip to get better leverage bite your opposite leg into their arm pit, pushing them down the leg which was on their hip comes around their face, armbar!

2. They pull their arm out or the arm bar is not possible. switch sides, bite, pull their head down, reposture, grab your leg which is across their neck in the shin area, pull forward so the leg is across their neck, wrap your leg around, point your toes, squeeze your knees triangle!

3. The posture out of the triangle, you fold the arm you still hold around your hip, rotate your body so your feet are by their head, forcing them onto the ground. pinch your legs together so it holds their arm tight, pull your arm around them, so you're over their back and move up, lifting your hips, along their spine (not across but toward their head). Omaplata!