Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crucifix, turtle attacks, learning to better control my body and looking good nude!

This past week we went over a lot of turtle attacks. Namely pinching their arm between your legs and moving in different directions to get an arm-bar. Even though the turtle only happens about 1/6 of the time, this leg movement for an arm bar seems to happen often enough. Not that it's easy to pull off but it leads to other things.

One of them, pinching their arm with your legs, you roll over their head, and then you have them in a crucifix hold. From there, you open their gi up, reach in with the other hand and simply choke.

There's also a really sick choke against someone in turtle that you simply grab on and move out.

I've been really trying to slow down my arm bars and put thought into them by holding them for a moment before moving to complete.

Using that mindset I just mentioned, I've been pulling off arm bars more often. If not them, then Omaplata - or transitioning. As I mentioned in my last post i seem to be getting better now. Still a lot to learn but at least having an idea as to what I should be doing.


Today in open mat I could really feel a size difference between me and my good buddy Shannon. I felt HUGE and like I could just scoop him up or move him around. I don't know why, maybe something suddenly clicked? He still stomped me, multiple times, I'm sure me commenting on how tiny he felt while we were rolling didn't de-motivate him at all ahaha


I looked at myself nude in a full body mirror yesterday and noticed I looked pretty fit! I just need to keep my posture in mind and I think I'll be studly. I'm not especially muscular but the fat on my belly has dropped off and i have some muscular tone now.

I sent notice to a few friends about that one (text, not photo, dirty-birds!)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm getting better!

This is more of a landmark or bookmark of an event - but I noticed yesterday and more so today, I'm getting kind of OK!

I think I've finally got defense well enough down - or maybe I don't feel as pressured -- that I'm starting to look for submissions instead of looking for defense.

What's strange is when I was there Thursday, I didn't do that well - I thought because I had not been to class often in the preceding two weeks.  Or maybe my heart wasn't in it during sparring after class, or the stamina requirement was higher.

But Saturday, Sunday, much better! I still got tapped often, but kept at it, and was grabbing things, moving in proper ways. I even did some things instinctually which a higher belt said he learned from!