Friday, August 7, 2015


Half guard transitions this past week:

when they sit in, back toward you, in half guard:
pinch with thighs around their 'far' leg.
finagle their far leg with yours and
1. Tilt them, while you grab their other leg with your hand, then move to full guard
2. swim under their arm full body, shrimp out, your 'close' leg into their knee, move to their back.
3. if their foot is by your hand, grab it, dump them.
4. swim under their arm full body, situp sweep.
5. with their leg trapped, base out with your free leg and bridge to side control

Finagle to mean: pinch, pull, cross, lock.

Tuesday night's rolling was a reintroduction for me -  let myself be man handled.

Thursday night we did sweep or submit.
Wednesday night I a BJJ classmate move.

Dear leader will be getting his blackbelt soon! He's going to Brazil this weekend! Huzzah!